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Billion Hearts Beating Foundation is a  non-profit organization and came into existence on 28th April’ 2010. The Chairman of Apollo Group of Hospitals, Dr. Pratap C Reddy initiated this campaign, as he felt the dire need for Indians to be made aware of the cardiovascular risk that they face today. Billion Hearts Beating works with the objective of increasing awareness and prevention of heart disease and its contributing risk factors in India. The campaign is an  initiative to make every Indian pledge to have a healthier heart.

Studies over the last 60 years show an alarmingly high rate of coronary heart disease and premature heart disease among Indians. It is estimated that Indians are nearly four times more susceptible to heart attacks than Caucasians, with 25% of attacks happening to people under the age of 40– unheard of in other populations. Among urban Indians, the incidence of heart problems is 12%, while it’s just 5% in the USA. These statistics are a clear indication of how important heart health is to Indians. We hope that through Billion Hearts Beating, we can reach out to the Indian population, educate them about how to take care of their hearts and therefore, prevent them from falling prey to heart diseases.

The vision of Billion Hearts Beating is a long-term sustainable movement towards a heart-healthy India.
The mission of Billion Hearts Beating is to actively promote heart health across India, by creating awareness about heart disease and providing workable solutions to help overcome it.


Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group

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Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited

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Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited

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Navin B. Chawla

President of India's nominee on the Executive Council of Delhi University

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Mythili Sriram

NGOs and Clubs

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