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About Apollo

Apollo Hospitals one of the largest healthcare chains in South Asia with 52 hospitals, 115 clinics and 1800 pharmacies and over 7000 physicians and more than 60,000 allied healthcare staff. Established in 1983, Apollo Hospitals touches the lives of patients from over 120 countries. The main pillars of Apollo are clinical excellence, cutting-edge technology, academic and research excellence and the fourth and the most pivotal pillar being hospitality and tender loving care.
The Centers of Excellence (COE) are a vision of the founding chairman Dr. Pratap C Reddy who firmly believes in an unwavering dedication to clinical excellence coupled with the ever-tender Apollo empathy. The Centers of Excellence are a one stop solution to patients with multiple and complex medical problems.

Heart Care at Apollo

Apollo Hospitals is the pioneers in heart care with volumes and outcomes that only less than 10 leading institutions in the world have achieved including 40,000 refined procedures such as Multi-Vessel Angioplasty, Left Main Angioplasty and Bifurcation Lesions. 20,000 coronary bypass procedures include 10,000 beating heart coronary bypass operations. Over 2,00,000 cardiac surgeries have been successfully conducted so far.

Social Consciousness

Apollo Hospitals has always strongly believed in social initiatives that help transcend barriers. In keeping with this, the group has started several impactful programs. The group is working on several social initiatives such as SACHI – a foundation which has helped over 5000 children with congenital heart defects, SAHI – a program which has till date accomplished a rare feat of 1000 cochlear implants, CURE which is centered around cancer care and rehab and Total Health which is working with different village communities encompassing healthcare that include prevention, education and primary health.