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There has been a steady rise in the population of the elderly in India. The number of elderly persons has increased from 19.8 million in 1951 to 76 million in 2001, and projections indicate that the number of people above the age of 60 in India will increase to 198 million in 2030. (Source: Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment).

Delhi-NCR has a total population of over 2 crore and more than 8 per cent of this consists of elderly persons (above 60). The elderly population in Delhi is over 12 lakh.

In the absence of proper medical aid and social security the elderly are facing many issues.

In an effort to address these issues, Billion Hearts Beating Foundation (BHB) has identified 34 old age homes in Delhi NCR till date, where medical needs are assessed through health checks and free of cost medications are also provided to the deserving old age homes on a monthly basis.

The aim of the programme is to assess the medical conditions of the residents and to provide the required medication in old age homes across other cities in India where Apollo Hospitals have a presence. Similar institutional facilities would be adopted and all the medication requirements of the residents would be met by Billion Hearts Beating Foundation (BHB). BHB will be leading the programme with the support of Apollo Pharmacy.

Cardiology Camp: Screening test such as ECG are done for the elderly people for prevalence of cardiac diseases (based on doctor’s consultation & advice). Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Check & BMI Check are also done.

General Examination: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Check, BMI Check, Medical History Taking & Physician Consultation are done.

Eye Check-up: Visual Acuity, Refraction & Primary examination done as needed. And for any serious cases, BHB advices the patient to refer for any eye specialist.

Bone Density Test: Bone Densitometry is done for the estimation of bone strength. It is used primarily to detect osteopenia or osteoporosis, diseases in which the bone’s mineral and density are low and the risk of fractures is increased. Medicines such as Calcium Supplements were also provided to them (As per Requirement)

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Winter Distribution drive with Markit
10th December, 2015

BHB, in association with Markit, organized winter distribution drives at Guru VishramVridh Ashram and GurukulVridh Ashram in New Delhi on 10 December 2015. Volunteers from Markit collected & distributed sweets, fruits and woollens for the residents of these old age homes. They alsointeracted with the residents, sharing their thoughts and creating joy.

Testimonial by a Markit volunteer

Here is a testimonial by one of the volunteer from Markit, about the entire experience:

“We all are living in our comfortable cocoons, some are planning for their next vacation, upcoming sale or another romantic date. We seldom realize that there is another facet of life, an agonized, torn and neglected one, that struggles every moment to survive. It is rightly said that old age is a journey back to infancy, definitely with a difference, the essential care and love is missing.

Our CSR committee organized a visit to an Old Age home named as VishramVridh Ashram (SHEOWS) on 10th December 2015. The team did a wonderful job in raising funds, gathering blankets and woollens, arranging fruits and sweets and co-ordinating with everyone. A large count of Markit’s employees showed interest in volunteering for the great cause. All of us did our best in making all possible arrangements for the event.

But when we reached the old age home, we realized that our efforts were just a drop in a large dry lake. As per Dr. G.P. Bhagat, the General Secretary of SHEOWS, their monthly expense is around 25Lacs all of which comes from charity. They have been running out of funds since last few months and are in desperate need of help. The members of SHEOWS told us about the gruesome stories of the residents. These old people are picked up from streets and the Old Age Home provides them with shelter, food, medical help and other basic amenities. As per the members some residents were destitute and in dire need of help, others were from well-to-do families but thrown out of their homes by their own children. Some are having serious medical problems, alzheimer being very common.

We were initially told that meeting the residents in person won’t be of much help. They are struggling to survive and all they need is financial help. But the smiles on their faces when they met us made our visit worthwhile. I believe Radhaamma’s blessings are going to stay with us for long.

By the end of our visit, there was a strange sadness on our faces. Some had tears in their eyes. Everyone standing there was feeling helpless, no matter how much we do to help them we cannot stop the ravages of time. The visit was more like an eye-opener for us.”

 – Nitu Gupta, Associate with Markit Noida