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#1000NOES To Quit Smoking
May 15, 2015

“Come to where the flavour is”- doesn’t this statement by a favorite brand vaguely remind you of the story of a Pied Piper of Hamelin? How the beautiful music of his pipe became a reason of the unfortunate fate of his followers But what about the destiny of all those who still follow the pipe, even after knowing the fact that it will be a cause of the deterioration of their lives?  Is it a deliberate self-destruction or thought-through suicide?

#1000Noes to quit smoking is a drive, started by Billion Hearts Beating for this year’s “World No Tobacco Day”. The principal intent behind  the drive is to spread awareness amongst the smokers to think about their heart. The idea has been conceived to make a platform, where the  two different worlds of  Smokers and Non-Smokers will be shown, so  that can vicariously help the Smokers to understand  how smoking is coercing them physically and emotionally.

It is a well-known phenomenon that smoking is a remedy for everything to all the smokers. Smokers have a misconception that it’s an act of self-expression for them. They pay no heed to the harmful effects of smoking as they have a reason to use tobacco for almost every occasion, and sometimes to beat stress also. Smoking is a reward that smokers give to themselves as often as they wish, ignoring heart care.

We call upon everyone to be a part of this drive and support our vision.

Together, we could create ripples of change amongst smokers’ by coming up with reasons to burst their bubble of hallucinations. And also make them aware that smoking, heart disease & other consequences should not be ignored.

Taking the spirit further, Billion Hearts Beating gives an ultimate call to everyone, to let the message out that you have one good reason to quit.