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5 Relationship Goals For A Healthy Heart
June 28, 2017

While love and romance are themselves great for the heart, sometimes a little extra effort goes a long way in ensuring health as well as quality time with your significant other.

Here’s a list of 5 effortless ways to stay stress free, healthy and happy:

  • 5 Relationship Goals For A Healthy Heart

    Unplug From The World

    Don’t be afraid to sometimes put your laptop screens to rest, your phones switched off, all your gadgets at bay, and just be. Spend quality time with your partner, talk, cook, trek, go on a drive, go for a long walk, whatever suits your schedule. The important thing is to make that time for each other.

    Many reports have suggested that people who work out with their significant others are likely to reap long-term benefits.

  • 5 Relationship Goals For A Healthy Heart

    Learn The New

    More often than not, we have more than one difference of interest with our partners. Don’t get bogged down by it, instead consider it a platform to learn something new and strengthen your bond.

    Join your partner in the pool and take swimming lessons from him, shake a leg and invite her to teach you a step or two at the dance floor,try ice skating, bowling, or golf, or go simply cook a meal from scratch and divide the responsibilities. The more you are willing to experiment, the more learning opportunities you can embrace.

  • 5 Relationship Goals For A Healthy Heart

    Diy Home Improvement

    Make your space a place that you would want to retire to after a tough day’s work, a place you look forward to go to. Bring together your creative energies and take up a small do-it-yourself project to beautify your room. It could involve hanging your pictures on a string of fairy lights, painting a wall, setting up a bookshelf or as simple as arranging your wardrobe together.

    Let your room reflect your state of mind!

  • 5 Relationship Goals For A Healthy Heart

    Shop Till You Drop

    Keep aside a day for shopping, it could be shopping for grocery or shopping for formals for both of you. Make a day out of it. And don’t ever underestimate the amount of walking and lifting you do when you shop!

  • 5 Relationship Goals For A Healthy Heart

    Little Nothings

    It is important to keep encouraging and appreciating your partner. Be grateful for the little things they do for you. Leave them post-it notes, make travel plans, take them for a couple’s retreat/spa, go to an adventure park, or indulge in the old and good pillow fight.

    A couple that plays together stays together!