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6 Simple tips to keep your Heart healthy
September 9, 2015
6 simple tips to keep your heart healthy

1. Eat healthy- We’ve been hearing this from school- eating a balanced diet is good for our heart, mind, and whole body. You might think you don’t have enough time to cook 3 meals a day or keep a check every time you eat something, but that’s the least you could do for your heart. Avoid full-fat junk, eat homemade food & salads and control alcohol!

2. Get active- This is the easiest, yet best for your heart health. Even if you can’t control on eating, don’t just sit there being a couch potato.  Get active- walk, dance and engage in all kinds of physical activities that you can. This will not only help your heart but also help you be stress free.

3. Maintain a healthy weight- We often hear that being overweight can be dangerous but it’s important to know that being underweight can be equally dangerous.  Keep a check on what you eat and control if you think you need to, but not too much! Eat a well balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight, and that’s how you can #HelpYourHeart.

4. Control cholesterol – It’ll be difficult for you to cross a road if cars keep coming in between. Same goes for your heart! Don’t make it difficult for your heart to work. Control cholesterol levels and help your heart stay active for longer time spans!

5. Monitor blood pressure- Monitor your levels of blood pressure from time to time. Go for regular health check- ups and make sure your blood pressure is in healthy limits. We often don’t realize but small mistakes can have big repercussions. Prevention is better than cure!

6. Avoid stress- We know it is not exactly in your hands to curtail your busy daily schedule, but what you can do is  reduce the stress posed by it. Organize your time table, be punctual, get active and of course, laugh till your stomach hurts!

Your heart beats for you and only you. Listen to what it says! Love your heart!!