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A Comprehensive Guide to Heart Care for Every Age
June 28, 2017

Heart diseases are alarmingly becoming common among people of all age groups and while doctors and experts always blame our lifestyle choices for them, a layman often ignores it because of our innate wishful nature of thinking that it will not affect us and when the age comes to be a little more careful, we’ll make lifestyle changes accordingly.

Well it is time to give your wishful thinking brain cells some rest and make gradual changes and efforts in your lifestyle for a fuller heart and life. The truth is that health problems don’t occur suddenly; they develop gradually throughout your life with every little choice you make with food, sleep, exercise, stress and other such factors. Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease stresses on the fact that the “basics of a heart-healthy life are as easy as ABCDE: Assessing your risk, Blood pressure control, Cigarette cessation and Cholesterol control, Diabetes treatment and Diet optimization, and Exercise.”

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Heart Care for Every Age


    Working hard and partying harder?

    Quit smoking and regulate your drinking.

    Experiment with food and know how to cook yourself a healthy meal. Choose a meal that completes your nutritional requirements while relying on a lot of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins,
    low saturated fat, healthy oils, whole grains, less sugaretc.

    Try different exercises and activities to identify a routine that you enjoy and can follow for a long time to come. Invest in extra-curricular and social activities like yoga, dancing to channelize stress.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Heart Care for Every Age


    Work-life balance hard to maintain?
    As you get more settled in life, so does your body.

    Keep your body numbers updated. Go for regular checkups and know your cholesterol, weight, blood pressure and sugar, etc. Be quick to make changes in your patterns if you see any abnormalities.

    Keeping your body moving is more important than ever at this age. Try to incorporate small walks in your working hours.

    While a fully functional kitchen might not be your priority in your mid-twenties, make eating at home a habit and also a fun activity that you and your partner do together.

    Avoid self-medication and treatment. Don’t hesitate to show a doctor and discuss the causes and symptoms.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Heart Care for Every Age


    If you’ve ignored your body till now, chances are your body will demand its rightful attention now.

    With many bodily changes like menopause in women and erectile dysfunctions in men, this is the time to pay heed to every little health concern.

    Even the smallest problem should be discussed with the doctor and any unusual symptom should not be taken for granted.

    Train yourself to perform basic first-aid activities and emergency treatments to be better equipped in case of emergency.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Heart Care for Every Age


    It is time to slow down and give your body a chance to age graciously.

    Be in the know-how of your risks of a heart attack. Take necessary medication and precaution to lower heart stress levels and factors that contribute to it.

    Chances are that you will have to be on some sort of medication while continuously trying to keep up with your healthy lifestyle habits.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Heart Care for Every Age

    70 and beyond:

    Stay organized to stay healthy.

    If you are on multiple medications, we suggest you stay organized to reduce dependence on others and follow a routine that includes a healthy mix of diet, exercise, rest and social activity.

    A cumulative practice of healthy habits can avoid discomfort in later ages. Once you train your body in a certain way, try to keep up with that routine to go a long way in ensuring a healthy-heart. After all, the heart takes everything and yet keeps us going strong!