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A Post Diwali phenomenon
October 29, 2014

For most of us, Diwali is all about indulging into excess eating, drinking and partying. It is that time of the year when all the efforts to keep one’s weight, cholesterol and diabetes in check go in vain and the probability of us falling in the most dangerous pitfalls for good health increase manifolds.Since the festival makes it almost impossible to resist the temptations of giving in to high calorie sweets and delicacies, a post Diwali detox can be a best way to undo the toll taken by the festive season on your system. Here are a few simple ways which can help you to get rid of those extra calories.

1. Drink Plenty of Water: Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day and count to make sure you have gotten the right number. Water will help flush out almost all the toxins from your system and will help in improving   your metabolism.

2. Eating frequent meals in less quantity: Cutting back on the size of your portions and try eating 5-6 times rather than 3 times a day help a lot in restoring the internal balance. Eating lots of salads and fruits help you in detoxifying your system.

3. Sweat It Out: Going for a brisk walk, jogging or hitting the gym helps you burn   those extra-calories.  Resuming your exercise schedule will make you feel more active and also reduce the guilt of consuming too much fried food and sweets during the festive season.

4. Refuse Sugar: If you are really looking forward to detoxification then cutting down on your sugar intake is the most difficult yet essential part of the process. The sweet cravings can be satisfied with fruits intake. As natural sugars  from fruits are rich in anti-oxidants , they leave you feeling more energetic  and light  throughout the day.

5. Sip Some Green Tea: A cup of green tea helps in detoxification and cleansing.  Two cups a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, will make a lot of difference and you will feel the change too.