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Activities for Kids for a Healthy Heart
November 19, 2015

If your child is that shy kid in the neighborhood who hasn’t ever come home with a complaint about his friends, you need to become his friend and make sure he has enough fun! There are a lot of games and activities you can do with your children, to let them know that you care for their heart.

a. Chasing, hide and seek, hopscotch and skipping are a few simple games that you can play with your children, when you go for your evening walk or just have a few leisure minutes in the day.

b. Gift them a box of sports equipment such as balls, skipping ropes, tennis rackets, frisbees and roller skates for their birthday and other occasions to make them learn the importance of physical activity and health.

c. Talk with other parents locally and arrange games in a nearby park. Take it in turns to supervise the kids and let them enjoy each other’s company. Mingling with others and forming friendships keeps the heart stress free and happy. It also helps them develop the confidence they need in life, and to be able to work in teams.

d. Be a role model. Even small things like walking to the market instead of taking the car can have a big influence on your child. Let him know the importance of physical activity and how it can affect your body. But not by words, by your actions!