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Be healthy Body, Mind & Spirit
March 2, 2017

Women are usually too busy taking care of work, family, kids and everyone around that they tend to find no time for themselves. However, you can use the little time you have judiciously and do something healthy for yourself. Here’s how:

  • Be healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

    Fresh Vegetables

    Instead of stocking at weekends from the supermarket, go to the fresh vegetables market every other day and buy fruits and vegetables for your family. This will give you time to take a walk and you’ll be eating fresh food!

  • Be healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

    Sign Up for a Marathon

    You might not find time to go out for a run regularly but when you make a commitment like that, you will have to make time! Go out and interact with other people, and walk for a cause!

  • Be healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

    Take up a hobby

    A hobby, for example photography will help you find time to go out and enjoy yourself. It will give you the much needed fresh air and happy time by yourself!

  • Be healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

    Adopt a Pet!

    Your pet will always give you an excuse to step out of the house, walk him around and walk yourself too!