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Best everyday foods for your heart
July 24, 2015

Having a healthy heart is possible only if other parts of your body such as blood vessels, respiratory organs, digestive system and the central nervous system are healthy. Some of the best foods to ensure good heart health are green vegetables and foods that are naturally enriched in omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin C complex.

Try to include the following foods in your diet to promote heart health:

1. Green vegetables:  Include lettuce, broccoli, turnip, basil, parsley, spinach, leeks, green onions, and sprouts in your diet. These are an excellent choice for heart and blood vessels.

2.  Foods naturally enriched in Omega 3 fatty acids: Foods such as walnuts, salmon, organic eggs, fresh ground flax seeds, anchovies and high-quality fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These are excellent to help prevent heart diseases.

3. Vitamin C enriched foods:  Fruits like grapefruit, lychee, guava, cantaloupe, papaya, kiwi fruit, and black and red currants are naturally enriched with Vitamin C complex. Food rich in Vitamin C help protect heart and blood vessels from damage caused through free radicals.