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Beware of the Winter Season!
December 29, 2014

Winter is a season in which you cannot afford to miss heart health checkups. An extensive body of medical research indicates that  most of heart ailments and heart attacks occur in the winter season.
The  various reasons behind the  increased incidence of heart attack in the winter season are as follows:

1.  The intake of fatty diet and  consumption of alcohol increases in the winter chill.
High calorie food and beverages are the major risk factors that undermine heart health.

2. The increased workload of the heart to prevent hypothermia is another reason for the increased risk of getting a heart attack in the winter season. Now, it has to work harder to do double work. In addition to pump blood to various body parts and maintain  blood circulation, the heart undertakes the additional task to keep the body warm and prevent hypothermia.

3. Heart attacks are caused by the formation of blood clots, which blocks the flow of blood to the heart. These blood clots, especially those found in major heart arteries form more during winter season as compared to other seasons of the year.