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BHB & Working Executives

India’s corporate environment might be booming, but it’s the working executives that are paying the price. Working executives are most prone to develop heart diseases.

With long working hours, a desk bound lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and a whole lot of stress, it is not uncommon to see people in their thirties and forties suddenly falling prey to heart disease. It’s time to step back from the busy life and take action for your health.

Diet: It’s easy to eat out when you’re working long hours and face stress. Make it a point to start eating healthy by keeping healthy snacks handy and try to carry healthy food from home.

Stress: It is virtually impossible to avoid stress in the current work environment. The trick is to stay on top of stress and learn how to control it. If left unattended stress could prove very dangerous for your heart and will prevent you from enjoying life.

Smoking: Working executives’ smoke as a way of dealing with stress. This is in spite of being aware of its harmful effects. This site will help you kick the butt for good.

Exercising: The best way to beat stress and be healthy is by taking up the exercise of your choice. A regular workout will keep stress at bay and reduce your waistline!

Regular Heart Checks: It takes a minute, but it could save your life. Encourage your colleagues to get regular checks as well.

March 2, 2017

Work can be exhausting. It leaves no time for personal excursions and taking care of one’s health. But it is also dangerous to indulge in all work and no play. Billion Hearts Beating is here to suggest you a few doable activities to take care of your health without compromising on your work: Group picnics Read more…

Heart healthy work -outs for those who hate exercises 750x360
January 20, 2016

One of the biggest problems we all face with our health is that while we all want to be fit and active, we don’t want to spend hours in the gym or do exercise! So for all of you out there who hate to exercise, there is good news! With a few small changes in Read more…

August 26, 2015

Physical activity does not have to be a sport. It can include any bodily movement, that uses energy. Even while we are at work, a few light stretches can help keep our muscles active and limber.

November 29, 2014

Recent studies have shown   a  strong connection between  common infections and heart disease.  A study of more than 800 men and women in Europe  revealed that those who had recurrent infections such as sinus infections and Bronchitis were also more likely to develop artery clogging plaques. According to Dr. Stefan Kiechl, professor of Neurology at Read more…

May 6, 2014

Background music has been used in the workplace for centuries. In the Industrial Age women and occasionally orchestras would be hired in the quieter factories to sing and play among the workers. In the Victorian era handloom weavers would sing together to keep awake. The benefits of background music in the workplace were quickly recognized Read more…

May 6, 2014

Listening to music is one of many techniques that have been promoted for healing the heart and reducing stress. A few others include: Transcendental meditation. Practicing the art of transcendental meditation can lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar and insulin levels, and ease stress. Other calming strategies, such as yoga or the relaxation response, can do Read more…

May 2, 2014

One thing that every man is scared of is losing hair. As frustating as it may be, hair loss is also an indicaton of chronic stress that could lead to something a lot bigger. It can increase your risk of everything from heart disease to memory impairment. If you notice that your hair is falling Read more…

December 28, 2013

BHB@ Work is a fun, interactive heart-health workshop designed to deliver the message of heart-health in an exciting and involving process. BHB@ Work is based on clinically- approved solutions: Eat Healthy, Get Active, Beat Stress, Quit Smoking and Get Regular Heart Checks The workshop has been carefully designed around these five solutions. When followed regularly, Read more…

December 28, 2013

Congratulations of choosing to quit smoking. While this is great news, you’ll realize that quitting can be a difficult task, especially when cravings strike. Most cigarette cravings last five minutes. While the craving can be powerful, there are ways to overcome them. Each time you resist a craving, you’re one step closer to stopping smoking. Read more…

December 28, 2013

Salads- Thankfully the F&B industry recognizes the need for healthy food, which is why, you’ll find a Subway or a salad bar at every corner of your city. Smoothies- Yoghurt and fresh fruit go into making this delicious and healthy beverage that not only fills you up but also satisfies your sugar cravings. Fruits- You Read more…

December 28, 2013

Myth #1: More hours spent in the gym leads to better results In reality: If you think making the gym your second home is a great way to get results, think again. Overtraining is a surefire way to stop any muscle growth — instead of your body rebuilding its muscle tissues, it’ll continue to break it down. This Read more…