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Challenge of trying to quit smoking
September 9, 2015

Deciding to quit smoking is simple; the difficult part begins when you start working on your decision. And hello there, you’re not alone.  We understand what you feel. Here are a few challenges that you might face while trying to quit smoking, with their solutions!

1. Peer pressure –   It’s the time when you’ve only begun your I-won’t-smoke-at-all month that every friend you meet, everywhere you go, you will only notice cigarette in everyone’s hands.  And your ‘smoking buddies’ will of course help you by advising ‘just one drag’ which does everything but ‘help’ you.  You don’t need to avoid all your friends just because they smoke, you just need to learn to handle the pressure, and make the right decision for yourself.

2. Cravings – Have you heard that when you try to not think about something, it’s the first thing that’ll come to your head. It’s going to be the same when you’re trying to quit smoking. Don’t try too hard. Instead, try to chew a chewing gum after dinner or simply have a glass or water when you crave for that one last cigarette.

3. Old packets in the house- it’s the foremost advice usually given to people trying to avoid smoking is, remove all the old packets from your vicinity. Not the ultimate solution, but still, away from sight, away from mind!

4. Nothing to do- Well, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop! It’s always said that if you had a routine of smoking a cigarette while on your way to say, bus stand, don’t vow to not smoke a cigarette while you walk, instead do something else. Make a phone call to a friend, read a book, listen to songs. Don’t sit too idle, at least not when you’re only in the first stage, or you know the devil’s around!

5. Beat stress- Many smokers believe it helps them cope with the stress. This is a cruel illusion; while one may feel an initial sense of calm when he/she smokes, the body is actually under a great deal of increased stress. On the other hand it leads to ineffective coping, as the causes of the initial feelings of stress are still present. Rather do try exercise, yoga, deep breathing to curb your stress level.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but yes it is definitely going to be worth all the efforts. After all, what better award do you need than to be able to become healthy, save your life and live longer? Give your heart the care it deserves. #LoveYourHeart