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Curbing the Cravings!
February 15, 2016

Those feelings called ‘cravings’ are one of the biggest reasons of eating unhealthy. Have you also experienced those times when you suddenly want to eat something ‘creamy’ or ‘crunchy’? Without doubt, these are the times when all our diet plans go out of the window and we munch on the first thing we see on the shelf, without thinking about its consequences on our health.
So today, we have healthy solutions for your sudden cravings that will not only please your tongue but also your heart!

  • Curbing the Cravings!


    Often when hunger wakes us up in the middle of the night, because we’re lazy to cook something, we tend to bend towards liquids. A tempting hot cup of coffee, a can of soda or easy options like these spring to our mind. But the next time you want to grab that soda can from the refrigerator, stop for a moment and remember that sometimes healthy alternatives can be easy too! Instead, make a plain iced tea with a squeeze of lemon. Also, in place of the fancy mocha drink, select a small latte with nonfat milk!

  • Curbing the Cravings!

    Candies and juicy squishy stuff!

    Sounds tempting, nah? But there are other options that can be equally juicy and a lot healthier! For example, freeze fresh grapes for a few minutes for all the juicy, squishiness and fun! Cherry tomatoes are a delicious option too!

  • Curbing the Cravings!


    Crunchy means chips. Or not! Try crunchy unsalted nuts, whole grain crisp breads, or plain popcorn instead.

  • Curbing the Cravings!


    The next time you wish to have ice cream,(which has 137 calories in half a cup), warm a tablespoon peanut butter and drizzle it over low fat chilled yogurt!It will be an alternative that’s low fat, without cream, healthy and something new!

Cravings don’t make us unhealthy, our choices do! So the next time you have a specific craving, make a wise choice!