Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram (Old Age Home) is a “home away from home” for the abandoned elderly of our country. The organisation is registered under Society Registration Act 1860 and the Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act, 1976. The home is providing free shelter, food, clothing, care facilities, love and affection to the destitute and abandoned old aged. The home was founded in the year 1987 by G P Bhagat & managed by Saurabh Bhagat (Director).



There are numerous healthcare requirements that old age homes need to meet to provide the elderly with the comfortable and dignified life they deserve.

Through our Aushad initiative, we empower the elderly to take control of their health by equipping them with health kits and important amenities, conducting regular health camps, and distributing prescribed medication.

First-aid kits are designed according to the need and the healthcare emergency old age homes have to deal with. A good first-aid kit is made up of certain essential items like a thermometer, antiseptic ointment, pain relief gel, band-aids in assorted sizes, etc

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John's Daycare & Boarding For Senior Citizens Association

- First Aid Kit
Crepe Bandage (cm) 6 x 400, Adhesive Bandage (cm) 1.9 x 7.2, Adhesive Bandage (cm) 2.5, Pain Relief Gel - 30 gm, Povidone Iodine Ointment - 20 gm, Clinical Thermometer, Antiseptic Liquid - 50 ml, Microporous Surgical Tape - 1.25cm, Disprin Tablets, Paracetamol 500mg Tablet, Absorbent Cotton Wool I.P 15g, Gauze Swab - 5cm x 5cm x 12ply, Absorbent Gauze Roll (cm) 7.5 x 400 & Pill Box (cm) 8.5 x 34501  

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Health Camps: Based on the requirements of the old age home’s residents, BHB conducts health camps ranging from cardiology, eye screening, general geriatric health, and more.


Healthcare Amenities: Certain healthcare amenities like blood pressure monitoring machines, glucometers, adult diapers, eye spectacles, etc are essential in enabling the elderly to keep track of their health and improve their quality of life.


Medicine: The objective of this drive is to ensure the continued wellbeing of the old age homes’ residents by providing them with a free supply of general and personalized medications.


food and nutrition

Ensuring the elderly get the necessary nutrition is a vital factor in avoiding countless chronic conditions.
Our foundation has curated nutritious dry ration kits bearing in mind the dietary requirements of people from each region.

  • Ration Kit (North) contains millet dalia (bajra), atta ragi flour, rice bran oil, sattu (gram flour), pulses (masoor dal), turmeric powder, salt and vegetables.
  • Ration Kit (South) contains poha, atta ragi flour, rice bran oil, satumaavu mix, pulses (masoor dal), turmeric powder, salt and vegetables.

hygiene and sanitation

Assisting the elderly to maintain good personal hygiene and sanitation practices is a primary responsibility of old age homes.

Hygiene kits for old age homes include products like antiseptic liquid, handwash, sanitizers, reusable cleaning gloves, masks, washing powder, toiletries, floor cleaner, etc.

Personal hygiene kits include antiseptic liquid, bathing soap, earbuds, handwash, sanitizers, masks, body lotion, etc.


The provision of basic healthcare aids in old age homes is a key indicator of a good healthcare system. The provision of medical equipment like walking aids, medical beds, water purifiers, etc can contribute greatly in improving the quality of life of the elderly.

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