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Exercise and fitness:important for women’s heart health!
March 5, 2015

Exercise consists of physical activities to keep the heart healthy; these activities can be dancing, swimming, running, cycling and other sports as well. These exercises help in reducing the stress hormones that put an extra burden on the heart health in a woman’s body.

A satisfactory amount of training& exercise often changes the female anatomy to a more comfortable form. It helps you in losing the extra fat, and with that you can buy a new pair of pants or skirt to reward yourself.

Here are the few points, for women to schedule their fitness activities according to their daily tasks such as:

• Get active; go for the stairs instead of the escalators, while going to a grocery store take a walk and avoid the auto or car.

• Divide your 3o minutes of exercises or walks per day into three parts, if you can’t spend 30 minutes at a time.

• If you carry some extra pounds, then set a healthy target to keep the heart and obesity problems away.

• Involve friends, neighbors and even your kids in your physical activities. Plan regular outings and game sessions in your community gardens once in a week.

• It’s not important to lose lots of weights altogether, you can start with the 5% to 10% of your initial extra weight.

• Be positive towards every phase of life, exercises reduce the stress and keep the mind active in a fresh state.

• Exercises upgrade the muscles, and their ability to pull out oxygen from the blood, thereby reducing the requirement of the heart to pump more blood to the muscles.

Physical activities exert a positive effect in decreasing the reasons of stroke in woman. They act asanti depression remedies for women’s heart.

  • Pranav Raymod

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