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Foods to avoid for a happy heart
July 14, 2015
Foods to avoid for a happy heart

We all know what to eat for a happy heart, but there is also a list of foods which must be avoided to maintain heart health. Avoid the following foods on your next trip to the supermart:

Packaged baked goods like cakes, cookies, puddings, etc. contain trans-fats. Dump them!

• No matter what the label says, do not pick up chips which do not say “baked”.

White bread and white pasta contain refined flour, are quick digesting carbs and increase your blood sugar levels. Pick up whole wheat/ durum wheat bread and pasta instead.

Bottled salad dressings are packed with excessive sugar, sodium and unhealthy oils and should be avoided.

No doubt these foods are very tempting.  But your heart is calling you to make healthier choices.

Are you listening?