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Get Your Child to take up a Hobby
June 20, 2014

1. Talk with your child about the things you read and hear, especially the things you find interesting. Ask your kids how they feel about various issues (current events, relationships, values). Allow them to have opinions without passing judgment. Ask your children to help you understand why they feel the way they do.

2. Expose your child to a wide variety of experiences including music, plays, sports, museums, travel, reading, dance, games, food, puzzles, ethnic activities, etc. One never knows how what exposure may influence future life choices.

3. Provide your child with free time. Children need plenty of free time to discover and explore. Don’t jam-pack your schedule with errands and activities. Give your child time for free play, daydreaming and roaming around in the back yard.

4. Pursue your own hobbies and interests. Share these with your child, but do not require that he or she follow your pursuits. Encourage your kids to have interests of their own. If they show curiosity about a hobby, area of study, sport, or instrument, encourage and support them in any way your finances allow.