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Go Nuts Over Peanuts !
November 20, 2014

Peanuts are the powerhouse of good nutrition that can help you stay heart healthy by reducing the risk of heart disease. Peanuts are composed of monounsaturated fats, the type of fat that lowers LDL, or the “bad” cholesterol.  The phytosterols that peanuts contain have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and reduce your risk for heart disease . As preventative measures against heart disease, phytosterols  block the absorption of cholesterol that comes from your diet and they reduce the reabsorption of cholesterol by the liver where naturally occurring cholesterol originates. In addition to this, Peanuts have been found to contain the potent anti aging molecule ‘resveratrol’, the same phytochemical found in red wine and grapes. Studies have shown that resveratrol can fight the proliferation of fat cells and improve the uptake of sugar from the blood.