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Healthy Foods For Women
March 5, 2016

The Indian working woman is nothing less than a super woman. And while she is always busy taking care of everyone’s needs and wants, she usually neglects her own health. So today we have a list of health tips to keep all you superwomen super charged and active!

  • Healthy Foods For Women

    Store your house with healthy snacks

    There are numerous opportunities for you to get tempted to eat junk. This can be when you’re heading to work in the morning with no time to prepare a heavy breakfast, when you return tired from work, or when your kids demand something and many more. So in order to ensure that you don’t keep stuffing yourself with junk and all things unhealthy, store your house with healthy snacks. Keep your fridge stocked with fresh fruits, nuts, healthy yogurts so that when you feel hungry, you have healthy options available! For more, check out our article.

  • Healthy Foods For Women

    Drink lots of water

    It’s understandable when you are so busy in work, that you forget all sense of time and place. But don’t use that as an excuse to ignore your health. Keep yourself hydrated during the day. Keep a small water bottle by your table side and drink water at regular intervals during the day. Don’t forget, it’s the most important mineral!

  • Healthy Foods For Women

    Chart your progress

    Have your own fitness report card so that at the end of a month you can evaluate how closer have you come to your fitness goal. In this report card, assess yourself on how many days of workout did you miss, what new exercises did you try and how many of those would you like to continue in the future.

  • Healthy Foods For Women

    Pay attention to how you sit

    While you’re working on your laptop or PC, it is important to take notice of your posture. Have a straight back, and make sure that the screen is at or above your eye level otherwise it can lead to long term back and neck aches. Also, your screen should always be at an arm’s length from your eyes.