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Heart Healthy Tips For Women
September 2, 2016
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Whether you’re a homemaker or a working woman handling both work and home, you usually have to work round the clock leaving no time for yourself. It is also seen that when it comes to health, women tend to be more ignorant than men. Therefore, it is extremely important for you women to not only know what is good or bad for your heart health but also to follow a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips that can help you have a healthy heart-

  • Heart Healthy Tips For Women


    Each day, try to take out time for exercise or yoga. You can also take walks- at least 5000-10000 steps every day. A simple physical activity every day is enough to keep you fit.

  • Heart Healthy Tips For Women


    Your body needs essential nutrients to ward off disease. Having fruits, vegetables, milk every day, along with other healthy options in your diet is the best way to get that nutrition.

  • Heart Healthy Tips For Women


    Calculate your Body-Mass Index. It is important to maintain a healthy BMI. If you tend to accumulate more weight in the middle body portion, increase protein in your diet and decrease carbohydrates. It will help.

  • Heart Healthy Tips For Women

    Know your data!

    Visit your doctor , to know about your heart health. Get your cholesterol level, blood pressure, body mass index, glucose levels checked and discuss about your current activity levels so your doctor can advise accordingly. If you have a family history, discuss that too.

Do what needs to be done, and prevent heart disease! Healthy living, ladies!