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Heart healthy work- outs for those who hate exercises
January 20, 2016
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One of the biggest problems we all face with our health is that while we all want to be fit and active, we don’t want to spend hours in the gym or do exercise! So for all of you out there who hate to exercise, there is good news! With a few small changes in your daily routine you can be fit without exercising!

  • Heart healthy work  outs for those who hate exercises

    Stop a stop earlier

    If you’re among the majority of people who use public transport like metro, local train or bus to travel to and from work, get down one stop before your destination and walk home from there. It will hardly take a few minutes extra and you wouldn’t have to take out time from your schedule to jog or exercise.

  • Heart healthy work  outs for those who hate exercises

    Get ready with music

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a 35 year old office goer or a homemaker, we all spend at least 15 minutes every morning in getting ready for the day. And if you don’t have any time during the day for aerobics or exercise, try listening to some peppy song while you get ready. It’ll help you start your day on an active note, make you cheery and help you dance around the house when you roam around finding the perfect tie or shoes!

  • Heart healthy work  outs for those who hate exercises

    Discover your old love

    Growing up takes away from us the time and joy to indulge in our teenage hobbies, and that’s exactly what you should do to keep yourself and your heart healthy and active. What did you enjoy when you were a fifteen or sixteen year old? Skipping the rope? Skating? Swimming? Remind yourself the joy of doing those things again and you will see that it not only keeps your heart happy but also healthy! But do remember that our bodies change as we grow up and it is important to consult your doctor before you indulge in any heavy or harsh physical activity.

  • Heart healthy work  outs for those who hate exercises

    Look in the right direction

    Do you look away from your computer every five minutes just to check your chats on your phone? Well, you’re doing it partly wrong! Look away from your laptop or computer screen but not into your phone. Close your eyes for a few minutes, rotate your neck, flex your arms a few times. A few simple desk exercises during the day will give you benefits without stealing time from your schedule.

  • Heart healthy work  outs for those who hate exercises

    Make a reason

    Instead of making excuses, find reasons to go outdoors. Go grocery shopping or cycle around your colony, go visit your neighbors or just walk around in your lawn while you talk on the phone. Go out in the nature and de-stress yourself too!

Exercise doesn’t always need to be boring and dull. If you want to have fun, go ahead and do what it takes!