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Ideas for a Healthy Valentine
February 9, 2016
Ideas for Healthy Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day everyone celebrates with their loved ones. It could be your spouse, parents, friends or all those you love. So this Valentine’s, why not make it a HEART loving day for you and all the people you love! Here are some ideas you could use to make this day special for your Valentine and their heart!

  • Ideas for a Healthy Valentine

    Cook a meal

    If you’re both working and hardly manage a meal together in a day, this will be the perfect idea for your Valentine’s this year! Instead of going out to a public place where you’ll have to pay and leave as soon as you finish your fancy looking-full of calories and oil- meal, cook a meal yourself! Look for a healthy recipe on the internet and cook it for your spouse! This will not only help you ,two enjoy a healthy meal yourself, but also convey your love through the efforts you put into that dish!

  • Ideas for a Healthy Valentine

    Join a one day cooking class

    Taking it one step further; make it a day full of fun! Join a couple cooking class (with your spouse, friend or mom!) and learn to make healthy dishes while you , two enjoy the time together, talk about that meal you had years ago, or your future plans!

  • Ideas for a Healthy Valentine

    Take a walk

    Well if you’re one of those people who will work full day and are still wondering how to make this Valentine’s special with the little time you have, take a walk! Yes! Take your girlfriend for a walk after dinner or during the day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Sometimes, just being together and talking to each other is enough! And what better than doing all the talking out in the fresh air!

  • Ideas for a Healthy Valentine

    Healthy gifts

    How about gifting your girlfriend a salsa dance class together? Or how about gifting your boyfriend those football shoes he’s been wanting for a long time! After all, sports keep him fit and young! Instead of chocolates and teddies, gift something they’ll really thank you for!

  • Ideas for a Healthy Valentine

    Spread love!

    Who says Valentine’s Day is supposed to be only about your girlfriend or boyfriend? This Valentines, volunteer for the old age home near your house, visit that orphanage you often see on the way to your work. The heart is healthy when the heart is loved. Let’s spread some love around!