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It starts with you
December 28, 2013

Every child emulates the parent. So if you want your child to be physically and emotionally healthy, you must set some basic rules for yourself.

Make change a family affair

Children of parents who smoke are 100 per cent more likely to smoke later in life. Therefore, if you smoke, eat fast food for dinner, don’t exercise, or don’t spend quality time with the family, chances are that your child will follow your footsteps.

Make your voice heard

Rather than internally resolving to make your family healthy, have a family meeting and tell them about this resolution and the importance of it.

Sweep your house clean

Get rid of food that is unhealthy for your child. This includes colas, chips, chocolates etc. Or at least keep them in a place that your child cant reach (the top most cabinet in the kitchen, maybe?)

Exercise with your child

When you exercise, take your little one along. It will set an example and could prove to be good quality time you spend together. Take him to yoga classes or the gym, or the park. Race him to the finish line. Do whatever it takes to make physical activity a regular part of the family life.

Reward healthy behavior

When your child starts following your footsteps, make sure to give him a little something; a basketball, or let’s be realistic- a new X Box game! However, make sure to tell him about the reason for the reward. 

Find answers

The Internet is a fast and easy way to seek advice. Search for how to make healthier lunch boxes or how to tackle bullying in school. It’s all there, just a click away.