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Laugh Your Weight Off
May 28, 2014

In a land of ghee, laddoo, and “Aur khao beta” attitude, obesity is a lost cause. Yet! We should never give up on a quest to lose weight as it has many more consequences than just reducing spaces around you. Think of it this way, you can live longer to eat more, fit into some beautiful clothes, and sneak into a concert through a crawl space ;).

Yes we have heard a million times to exercise and eat healthy for an ideal body weight. But who has the time to go to the gym or even walk when we are doing important things like being a couch potato, watching some of the most nail-biting moments of American Horror Story? We are not talking about cutting down on your share of BLT, instead just hoping you’d be interested in BLD – Belly Laugh Diet.

What’s that? You read it right. Laughing is a great way to lose weight. Now don’t laugh at this idea, you might accidentally lose calories, that might hamper your cynicism. Have you ever found people laughing loudly and purposefully for no reason? They are the laughter clubs, following the principles of “laughter therapy” for better health. This involves a huge group of people gathering and breaking into an endless hour of mirth together. It may help them each in different ways, but definitely does reduce their girth.

‘Laughtercising’ is now trending as a preferred method to beat stress and lose weight. There are many audiobooks and MP3s available with endless tracks of funny laughs, howling, and all sorts of guffaw that can get you ROFLing in seconds. While you are at it, you can lose at least 10 to 40 calories for every ten minutes of mirth. How’s that for exercise?

If you feel the urge to rummage through your refrigerator and chomp on something, take a moment. Laugh your belly out for a good 10 minutes. You’ll find you are not hungry anymore. We usually eat when we are stressed and this leads to weight gain, heart diseases, joint aches, and this list is endless! Solve the problem by easily relieving that pressure in your mind with a hearty laugh.

Google the Laughter Club International in Mumbai to know about laughter therapy and how it has helped to spread happiness, relief, and magically increased spaces around people in no time. So, Smile, Giggle, Chuckle, Laugh, Chortle, Guffaw, and do whatever needs to be done as you LOL, ROFL, and LMAO your way out of those big clothes.