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Living well with a heart disease
August 26, 2016
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If you’re suffering from heart disease, you would know that it’s not only important to cure your current disease but also to prevent it from occurring ever again. And for this, it is sobering, yet important, to realize that the condition of your blood vessels will steadily worsen unless you make changes in your daily habits.

  • Living well with a heart disease

    Speak Up

    Tell your doctor that you want to keep your heart disease from getting worse and would like help in achieving that goal. Ask questions about your chances of having a first heart attack or a repeat heart attack, your risk of other heart complications, and ways to lower those risks. If you haven’t done so already, ask for tests that will determine your personal risk factors.

  • Living well with a heart disease

    Be Honest

    When your doctor asks you questions, answer them as honestly and fully as you can. While certain topics may seem quite personal, discussing them openly can help your doctor work with you more effectively to manage your heart condition.

  • Living well with a heart disease

    Keep it simple

    If you don’t understand something your doctor says, ask for an explanation in plain language. Be especially sure you understand how to make the lifestyle changes your doctor recommends, as well as why and how to take each medication you’re given.