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Make Music Your Gym Buddy
May 28, 2014
Running at the fitness club

Working out can be a pretty tedious and mundane activity at times. You can do a variety of things to break up the tedium like reading or watching something, but one of the most beneficial things to do while working out is listening to music.

Music affects our mood so it can make us more motivated to exercise by pumping us up or de- stressing us from a busy day. It can also make exercise a lot less laborious by putting us in a better frame of mind.

Trainers recommend having 4-5 different playlists that can be adapted through your mood and what you want to achieve.

For starters you could have 20 songs that have a fast, consistent beat like latest pop tracks that can help you exercise to that rhythm and then 20 songs with powerful lyrics that can inspire you to work harder and longer.