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Meditate Your Stress Away
October 28, 2014

Meditation is an exercise with numerous benefits. It is proven to be an effective way of enhancing quality of life by improving physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Scientific studies have shown that regular practice of meditation benefits brain. Some of the health benefits of meditation for brain are as following:

1. Improved mood and working memory – even under stress.

Meditation is not an activity designed to take us away from the problems of life, rather it helps us face them with our full capacity. Dealing with circumstances that seem beyond your control can result in negative mood, anxiety, or chronic stress. New studies have proven that meditation actually improves mood and working memory; even in times of extreme pressure.

2.  Alleviate mental distractions

Training the mind to stay focused is a major motivation for practicing meditation. Fortunately the rewards of meditation practice don’t take years to cultivate. In a recent study it was shown that less than a week of practice resulted in significant improvement of cognitive abilities across a range of tests.Meditation also has positive effects and reduces the symptoms of some mental disorders. ADD, anxiety, and depression are all marked by an increase in distracting or otherwise unwanted thoughts. Meditation trains the mind to free itself from detrimental thought patterns.

3. Increase the size of your brain

Meditating actually causes your brain to grow. As one grow older, age tends to cause thinning in the frontal-cortex. Without proper mental exercise, the gray matter responsible for language, cognition and emotional processing gradually degrades. This degradation has the potential to leave us with a higher risk for declining cognitive ability. Studies show that regular meditation slows thinning of brain tissue. Meditation is also responsible for thickening parts of the brain associated with attention and working memory – crucial areas that are linked with intelligence.