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Off-Beat Ways To Ward Off Heart Attacks
August 1, 2016
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We already know that a healthy diet and not smoking are important for a healthy heart. Also, controlling the traditional risk factors such as family history and high cholesterol, are all central to preventing heart disease. But there are some more simple ways you didn’t know can help decrease your chances of a heart attack:

  • Off Beat Ways To Ward Off Heart Attacks

    Seek Treatment for Depression

    Depression and stress often go hand in hand with heart disease. Since depression starts in the brain, it’s a dysfunction in the unconscious nervous system, which regulates blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Off Beat Ways To Ward Off Heart Attacks

    Find a Hobby

    Contrary to popular beliefs, hobbies aren’t just to pass the time or done for pleasure. Hobbies take your mind off depressive thoughts because you’re focusing on something positive. Plus, they tend to make people less sedentary.

  • Off Beat Ways To Ward Off Heart Attacks

    Hit the Sleep Spot

    The ideal nightly sleep time is seven to eight hours. People who sleep more than eight hours have a higher incidence of high blood pressure. People with lesser sleep are prone to anxieties and depressions.

  • Off Beat Ways To Ward Off Heart Attacks

    Embrace Your Spirituality

    People who practice meditation and spirituality are less prone to stress. Meditative and other spiritual practices can help you control negative thoughts and anxiety, and become calmer and happier. It has also shown to boost endorphins and lower the blood pressure, all of which contribute to a healthier heart.