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Quick Breakfast/Tiffin Ideas
March 12, 2016

Morning is the time when the kid is crying, the husband getting ready, the maid talking and mother in law calling. It is without doubt the busiest time in a woman’s day. To make it a little easier, we have some interesting tiffin ideas for your kid so at least he stops crying!

  • Quick Breakfast/Tiffin Ideas

    Chapati Rolls

    Easy to make, these chapatti rolls are healthy as well. Slice capsicum, onion, tomato and paneer, mix it with mint chutney and a hint of tomato ketchup, spread it on a chapatti and roll it up!

  • Quick Breakfast/Tiffin Ideas

    Masala idly

    With a few already cooked idlies, this healthy and delicious snack can be prepared in minutes. Roast the idly with sliced onions, tomatoes, pepper and chili flakes and your appealing Masala Idly is ready!

  • Quick Breakfast/Tiffin Ideas

    Mixed vegetable noodles

    Noodles are every kid’s favorite, so why not use it to our advantage! If
    your kid doesn’t want to have anything that says ‘healthy’, give him the 2 minute noodles by hiding the nutrients in it! Load your noodles with fresh vegetables and give him noodles with a twist!

  • Quick Breakfast/Tiffin Ideas


    Carrot Moong sprout salad, Black eyes pea salad or even a simple fresh fruit salad can give you and your family the much needed nutrients. And it doesn’t even take any time to cook!