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Replacement Not Deprivation
February 10, 2017

Learn to form healthy habits by replacing the bad ones. Substituting healthy habits for unhealthy ones rewards you with more stamina, better quality of life – and a healthier you.
That is easier said than done, of course, but some simple tips can help you tackle even the most indulgent and hardest-to-kick habits.When it comes to health, you can always use some help and motivation. A lot of people will do it for their children.

  • Replacement Not Deprivation

    Break a big goal into smaller short-term goals

    Break a big goal into smaller short-term goals. “Don’t go cold turkey,” “Suppose you’re drinking five beers a day, and you want to get down to six a month. Reduce to three a day. You’ll see the benefits and feel more motivated to move toward your longer-term goal.”

  • Replacement Not Deprivation

    Tell someone you trust

    Tell someone you trust – not someone who will sabotage you. Be accountable to someone all the time. It’s toughest forming a healthy habit if you don’t have support. For example, one spouse might be trying to stop smoking while the other one isn’t. “You have to find some inner strength, some self-motivation and push through it. Or get couples counseling, a safe setting where you can ask your spouse: ‘Can you be supportive and go outside to smoke?’ ”

  • Replacement Not Deprivation

    Allow a “cheat” once in a while

    Allow a “cheat” once in a while. “If you’ve avoided sweets all week and you’ve been exercising, and you go to Grandma’s, you can afford that ONE small piece of apple pie. Or let yourself have one ‘crazy meal’ a week.”

  • Replacement Not Deprivation

    Break the TV habit in favor of exercise

    Break the TV habit in favor of exercise. “Tell yourself, ‘that I would watch all the missed episodes on weekend as a reward to myself and do my exercise regularly on weekdays’
    Oreven better, switch to a fitness program on TV and exercise in front of it.