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Stay Heart Healthy this Women’s Day
March 5, 2015

It’s the best time for women to be aware of the threats that can affect the heart health and results of cardiovascular diseases. On this International Women’s day both the working and housekeeping, women’s should take important initiatives to change their lifestyle and reduce the risk factors to eliminate the cardiovascular health problems.

Did you know? That cardiovascular disease are affecting more women than men and are responsible for up to more than 40% of all deaths for women around the globe. The heart is the center of our cardiovascular system, and it significantly controls about everything that provides life to the body; its prime area ranges from the transportation of oxygen to the comfort of the body’s immune system. The foods women eat and the amount of activity they choose to take part in their lifestyle can exceptionally affect the complete heart health and the other notable tissues that help in building up your cardiovascular system.

The women might be at a greater risk for cardiovascular disease than they think. According to the recent surveys the 80% of the cardiovascular diseases can be easily avoided; women can smartly deal with them and lead their heart in a good health by maintaining it to a nutritious lifestyle throughout their entire lives. The Simple steps regularly include  exercising, avoiding stress, monitoring the body weight, eating a nourishing and healthy diet and say goodbye to smoking.

There are certain traditional heart disease risk factors that play an active role as an obstacle in healthy heart like hypertension, blood sugar commonly known as diabetes and a family background of heart disease. In addition to smoking, birth control pill, obesity and a deskbound lifestyle there are certain other ways with which women increase their risk for cardiovascular disease. It sometimes includes hypertensive pregnancy, illness, bleeding instabilities, gestational diabetes, related to menstruation, premature menopause, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

The doctors advise women after the age of 30 to keep a regular check on their cholesterol levels, blood sugar and maintain a normal blood pressure under regular supervision, especially after menopause when the cardiovascular disease risk in females increases speedily. The women’s are identified to a smaller extent and well treated as compared to men; we need to focus on female heart health matters and encourage the knowledge of cardiovascular disease amongst the women’s this Women’s day.

The Women of this century is sensible, but they often take the symptoms as a common tiredness and fatigue; women should be awake and get informed of the risk factors and report the initial problems with the physician.

The time has arrived when the women should understand the symptoms and high-risk factors. As the women lead more stressful routine in comparison with men, and the number of heart stroke is more commonly found in women than men, it’s because the average life hopefulness for women is greater than for the men. To keep the active heart ailments inactive, a healthy promise should be made by women for a better heart healthy way of life and its accomplishment.  It’s never too late to start the move and reduce the heart health risks and celebrate this women’s day with a healthy heart.