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Stress of the Eleventh Hour !
October 28, 2014

Examinations and Stress are two sides of the same coin. It is true that where there is a pressure to perform , there’s oodles of stress which can either make or break your performance. However, If one follow  a few simple steps and channelize his/her  effort in a well thought out direction then it is possible to get the best results even in the most difficult examination of one’s academic career. Following are the few such steps which can help you keep the stress at its minimum.

1. Start Early – As adventurous as it may sound, don’t leave studying to the few days before your exam. Cramming makes you feel unorganized and can cause even more stress. Give yourself plenty of time to review your material, make good notes and mentally prepare.

2. Make a Plan – Setting out a study plan or calendar for yourself will help you to stay organized and ensure that you are covering all the material. Covering difficult topics first helps you get a better grip over the subject.

3. Eat Healthy & Stay Hydrated – Maintaining balanced nutrition during exam time is key to keeping yourself feeling full and fueled during this stressful time. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water and fresh juices help you stay active and attentive during your study sessions.

4. Change Up the Scenery – Try to find a few different study spots that you feel comfortable and productive in. If you’re feeling bored or distracted by your environment it makes it harder to focus on the material that you’re meant to be studying.

5. Take a Break – It is important to take some time away from studying and give yourself a physical and mental break. Do something to take your mind off of studying like taking a small walk or playing some game with friends. You will feel refreshed and ready to focus when you return to the table.

6. Sleep Sufficiently – Sleep is our body’s way of regenerating and will help to make you feel sharp and alert when it comes time to perform on that test. Make sure you sleep well before penning your hard work down on paper!

7. Be Positive – Nothing helps more than having faith in one’s preparations. Keeping telling yourself that you know whatever you have covered and that this will going to be one of best paper of this term.