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Summer Tips
March 2, 2017

With the onset of summer, comes the time for salads, juices, and fresh fruits! To make your summer a healthy affair, Billion Hearts Beating has a list of foods and drinks you should indulge in, this hot season!

  • Summer Tips

    Honey-Lime-Iced Tea

    Its cold, it’s sweet, it’s refreshing, it has honey instead of sugar and also lemon! It will refresh you, rejuvenate you and rehydrate your body when the Sun plays its game in hot summer!!

  • Summer Tips

    Watermelon cooler

    Kids love watermelons, and mostly elders do too! So give this summer favourite a twist and serve your guests and family iced watermelon drink this summer!

  • Summer Tips


    Blueberries are great anti-oxidants; they ward off fatigue and refresh you! A great ingredient for snack or dessert!

  • Summer Tips

    Iced Coffee

    Caffeine if taken in right quantity can help lower the risk of skin cancer. Summer cannot be summer without a delicious glass of Iced Coffee right in the morning.

  • Summer Tips

    Tomato Salad

    Tomatoes can help you heal from sunburn, dehydration and tiredness.

  • Summer Tips

    Mint Soda with Cucumber

    Have half portions of water and soda, add some mint and freshly cut cucumber and you have a refreshing welcome drink for your guests, and a fun drink for your tired kids!