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TENNIS- Sport That Heart Enjoys
July 4, 2016
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Those who play tennis regularly tend to lose excessive amount of body fat making them lean, strong and fit. It also keeps their lipid profile in check, never allowing cholesterol to cross the limit. This greatly decreases the chances of severe and fatal disease like myocardial infarction, commonly known as heart attack and other severe cardiovascular problems. This helps you lead an entertaining and stress free life.

  • TENNIS  Sport That Heart Enjoys

    Game for all

    Playing tennis gets you moving, and moving is good for the body and the mind. One of the great things about tennis is that it’s a sport that can be played at nearly any age and at any skill level.

  • TENNIS  Sport That Heart Enjoys

    Improved aerobic health

    Tennis improves aerobic health by increasing your oxygen in-take while playing, making your heart race better. It also aids in the development of numerous capillaries and capillary beds within the muscles so that your muscles can have a greater blood supply and flow.

  • TENNIS  Sport That Heart Enjoys

    Enhances flexibility, balance and coordination

    Tennis requires the cooperation of the whole body. The feet maneuver you into the right position, the arms and hands position the racquet to make contact with the ball, and the torso and legs provide the power to send the ball flying over the net. All these factors come together every time you hit the ball, and each shot takes flexibility, coordination and balance. Flexibility is great because it can give you a wider range of motion, help prevent injuries and even reduce muscle strain

  • TENNIS  Sport That Heart Enjoys

    Heart healthy

    Tennis great Bjorn Borg accurately characterized a tennis match as “a thousand little sprints.” The quick anaerobic movements the sport demands burns fat, increases your heart rate and promotes higher energy levels. A typical tennis match can last anywhere from one to two hours and at intervals that are optimal for improving cardiovascular health, which is essential for lowering your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.