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The extra large
December 27, 2013

It starts with cute little chubby cheeks but can grow into a big problem. Kids who eat too much, or are genetically more likely to gain weight are the ones who are most bullied at school. Being overweight at an early age can very largely impact your child’s self esteem and future heart health. The best thing to do is to recognize the seriousness of the matter and take action immediately.

  • Recognize Childhood Obesity. Sometimes this is a genetic condition, but that does not mean that it can’t be controlled. Seek advice from a pediatrician.
  • Insist on physical activity. Get your chubby one to take up a sport. Invest in a sports coach.
  • Cook healthy food. Search for healthy, low fat and tasty recipes on the Internet.
  • Use smaller cutlery. Filling up a small plate or a bowl gives the impression of eating more.
  • Get the school involved. Do not tolerate bullying.
  • Do not brush the issue under the carpet. Be honest with your child. Tell him that he is over weight but do it gently.

Set weight goals for your child and yourself. The one who loses weight faster buys the other one an ice cream sundae!