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The junk food junkie
December 27, 2013

If your child cannot eat his meals without a glass of cola, or throws a tantrum every time you don’t stop at the nearest McDonalds, you have a junkie on your hands. Here’s what you can do about it.

  • You have money on your side. So if you decide to not buy sugar heavy soft drinks, there’s not much your child can do about it.
  • Make healthy fast food at home. A homemade burger is a lot more nutritious and tasty than its alternative.
  • Keep healthy soft drinks available- a jug of lemonade, fresh fruit juices or even flavored buttermilk.
  • If your child throws a tantrum over your change of heart about junk food, ask him to save his pocket money and buy it for himself. He will slowly realize that it’s just not worth it.