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Unhealthy eating habits result in obesity, nutritional deficiencies and even blocked arteries. So whether you’re facing a weight issue or an addiction to junk food, this section is dedicated entirely to you!

Eating healthy is fairly easy to do, once you’ve made up your mind. Start cooking your own food, identify healthy eating joints near your home and office, and if all else fails, consult a dietician. Healthy eating habits can have a positive impact in more ways than one-  it improves your metabolism and mood, and it can even spark off your inner chef!

July 10, 2017

Gluten intolerance or a more severe form of it known as coeliac disease has been on a rise and more and more people are choosing to go gluten free for life. While it sounds like a monumental task, believe us when we say it’s not so bad. Here’s a beginners guide to go gluten free! Read more…

June 20, 2017

The Japanese have a reputation of living long, healthy lives. Their hearts are healthier than those of most other races. Is it the sea air or the fish? As all secrets go, this one is called ‘harahachibu’. And it has to do with eating half of what you usually do.

May 26, 2017
May 9, 2017

Ingredients Boiled & grated Beetroot – 1 pc Flour – 2 bowls Sesame seeds – ½ spoon Ajwian – ½ spoon Turmeric – ¼ spoon Cinnamon powder – ¼ spoon Salt & red chili powder as per taste Recipe Take 2 bowls of flour Add grated beetroot Add Sesame seeds and ajwain Add Cinnamon& Turmeric Read more…

May 5, 2017

Mark this mother’s day as a perfect time for taking stock of your mother’s health. Age 40 is a milestone when the risk of many health conditions increases. Mothers have a lot to take care of every day- demanding job, managing home, aging parents, growing children or all of the above; it’s easy to put Read more…

April 21, 2017

Ingredients Low Fat Milk – 2 glasses Apple – 1 grated Cinnamon – ¼ tbsp Sugar – 2 Spoons Recipe Boil milk in non-stick vessel Let it simmer Add sugar Add Cinnamon Add grated apple Let it boil until consistency is thick Pour into an aluminum vessel Let it cool for 10 -12 minutes Place Read more…

April 18, 2017

Everyone gives you the impression that eating healthy is about denying yourself really tasty food. So you’re stuck with oats and porridge, and other Western ‘healthy’ options. We’ve decided to add some pep into your daily breakfast, while making sure it’s as heart-healthy as it can be. Packed with vegetables and millet, here’s a unique Read more…

April 18, 2017

This myth has grown over the years, and so people have cut all sorts of fats out of their diet. However, some fats are absolutely essential for the skin, hair, digestion – and yes, even for the heart. How do you tell the difference?

April 7, 2017

Ingredients Semolina – 1/2 bowl Jowar Flour – 1 Bowl Peas – ½ bowl Onion – ½ bowl Red Bell pepper – ½ bowl Ingredients for flavoring Curry leaves – 10-12 Channa Dal – 2 tbsp Mustard Seeds – 1 tbsp Salt as per taste Red chili powder Recipe Heat 1 tbsp of extra virgin Read more…

March 29, 2017

Taking care of your heart does not require many efforts, just some knowledge and smart choices. Some very commonly available food items can do wonders for your heart health. Here’s a list to help you! Oatmeal High in soluble fibre; Lowers cholesterol Blueberries Has antioxidants; Decreases blood pressure Dark chocolate Haveflavonoids that help blood pressure, Read more…

March 24, 2017

Ingredients Chaana Dal – 1 bowl Methi – ½ bowl Spinach – ½ b owl Carrot – ½ grated Low Fat Curd – 1tbsp Ingredients for flavoring Curry leaves – 4-6 Ginger Garlic paste – 2tbsp Salt as per taste Red chilli powder Recipe Soaked Chaana dal overnight Grind into coarse paste Add methi,spinach, carrot Read more…

March 3, 2017

Ingredients: Potato – 2 medium Wheat flour – 3 to 4 spoons Broccoli – 1/2 small Button Mushrooms – 6 PCs Zucchini – 1/2 medium Yellow Bell Pepper – 1/2 Red Bell Pepper – 1/2 Tomato homemade puree – 1 medium bowl Garlic cloves – 3 Oregano – 1 tbsp Thyme – 1 tbsp Basil Read more…

March 2, 2017

With the onset of summer, comes the time for salads, juices, and fresh fruits! To make your summer a healthy affair, Billion Hearts Beating has a list of foods and drinks you should indulge in, this hot season! Honey-Lime-Iced Tea Its cold, it’s sweet, it’s refreshing, it has honey instead of sugar and also lemon! Read more…

February 10, 2017

Learn to form healthy habits by replacing the bad ones. Substituting healthy habits for unhealthy ones rewards you with more stamina, better quality of life – and a healthier you. That is easier said than done, of course, but some simple tips can help you tackle even the most indulgent and hardest-to-kick habits.When it comes Read more…

February 3, 2017

Drinking tea is associated with decreased coronary artery progression and a lower incidence of major cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks.. Researchers studied available information on 6,212 adults to determine how tea drinking might be associated with coronary artery calcium progression, a marker for blood vessel disease, and heart attacks, angina (chest pain), cardiac arrest, Read more…

January 17, 2017

A good breakfast is like fuelling your car for the day. Tank up. Have a hearty breakfast on whole grains, fruits and low-fat proteins, and it will take you through most of the day on a high. We’re sharing with you our breakfast chart, put together by expert nutritionists, to start you off on a Read more…

December 22, 2016

Since it’s that time of the year – give your family a traditional Christmas goodie – the gingerbread men. Much healthier than sugary cookies or rich cakes, since ginger is a known anti-inflammatory, is good for the heart, and keeps colds, tummy pain and infections at bay.

December 22, 2016

Winter is perfect for soups, but the tried and tested ones are oh, so boring, after a while. We’ve gone globe-trotting to bring you the most unusual and exotic soups that are the local flavour in whichever place they’re made in. They are heart-healthy soups so go ahead and try one out.

December 22, 2016

What daadiji used to tell you to eat, apply or do during the winter and you never paid attention to? Pay attention now, it turns out this is the best advice you’ll get.

December 16, 2016

Ingredients: Carrot – 1 medium Mushrooms – 6 pcs button Zucchini – 1 medium Cabbage – 1/2 small Yellow Bell Pepper – 1/2 RedBell Pepper – 1/2 Onion – 1 medium Tomato homemade puree – 1 medium bowl Garlic cloves – 4 Cloves – 3 Black pepper seeds Salt as required Recipe: 1. Heat 1 Read more…

Orange-Pomegranate-Celery-Juice Thumnail
December 6, 2016

Ingredients: Pomegranate: 2 Celery Stick: 1 Orange: 2 Cinnamon Stick: 1 Pinch of powder Method: Squeeze pomegranate juice Squeeze orange Squeeze Celery sticks Pour in glass Sprinkle Cinnamon pinch of powder Immerse Cinnamon stick as garnish Benefits: Oranges lowers ischemic stroke risk for women Pomegranate is rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants Celery is Read more…

November 14, 2016

Every weekend, sit with your kid and come up with a timetable – not the boring study one – but what you and he decide will be in his snack and lunch boxes. That way, you can balance out his meals with his help. You say nuts – he can choose which ones. You say Read more…

November 14, 2016

Childhood obesity is a huge problem and so much of it goes unnoticed – in fizzy drinks or chips packets. Make being healthy a game for your kids and they’ll be happy to play it. Keep a calorie chart on your fridge, for example and let them add up the calories they’re eating every day.

November 14, 2016

Making healthy food is tough on you when your child resists anything with green in it – unless, of course, she’s making it herself. Suddenly, the game changes. Whole wheat parathas in funny shapes, or oatmeal cookies, or colourful salads – if your child makes them – makes it fun, and makes her feel proud Read more…

November 14, 2016

It’s really easy to fall for that whole-wheat biscuit or the lemon squash, when the whole wheat or lemon is scattered from a distance, and the rest of it is lard and maida. However, since it’s mandatory now to mention the ingredients, here’s how to decode food labels and find out how much of the Read more…

November 3, 2016

For kids, you don’t need to make huge changes in your or the family’s diet. Just make little changes in daily food. What is important is to be careful about minute things and beware about how the small things can make big differences in your child’s well being and health. Here a few tips for Read more…

Untitled design (3)
November 1, 2016

GARDEN FRESH TOMATO SALSA Ingredients: Blanched tomato: 6 Onion: 1 Green Capsicum: 1 Green chilies: 2 Cilantro: 50 grams Lime juice: 2 tablespoon Salt: ½ tablespoon Black pepper: ½ tablespoon Cumin powder: 1 tablespoon Method: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Grind it well. Garnish and serve. Benefits: Garden fresh tomato salsa is rich Read more…

October 26, 2016

Ingredients: Low fat milk: 3 cups Cardamom powder: ¼ tablespoon Nutmeg powder: a pinch Honey: 3 tablespoon Grated apples: 3 pieces Method: Heat the pan. Pour in the milk and put in cardamom powder, nutmeg powder & honey. Bring the content to boil and keep stirring for 15 minutes. Mix the grated apples. Keep stirring Read more…

October 20, 2016

The fun part of this rule is that you can indulge in your favourite treats, because let’s face it – a festive season without even tasting any of those temptations is no festive season at all. So here it is: Stick to a well-planned diet that meets your energy and nutrient requirements 80% of the Read more…

October 20, 2016

You can’t help reaching out for a sweet, when you know this is the season of indulgence. So celebrate Good over Evil, by opting for some of the good, healthy ingredients. Use jaggery or honey instead of sugar, whole wheat grains instead of refined sooji or wheat, nuts and dried fruit to sweeten anything. You Read more…

October 20, 2016

The festival season churns out the most mouth-watering sweets and snacks, and you can’t say No. So eat them and burn them off – here’s a guide on how you can go about your Diwali day, and lose while you eat.

October 20, 2016

The best way you can enjoy this festival season – is to enjoy it. Without guilt. You’re going to eat that extra ladoo, so you may as well laugh about it. Laughing away the guilt is a surprisingly fabulous way to keep fit, that the dietician forgot to tell you about.

October 19, 2016

Ingredients: Fenugreek (chopped): 100 grams Bengal gram flour: ½ bowl Whole wheat flour: ½ bowl Green chilies: 3 pieces Salt: ½ tablespoon Turmeric powder: ¼ tablespoon Garam masala: ¼ tablespoon Ginger garlic paste: ½ tablespoon Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon Water: 1 bowl Method: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to make its dough. Make Read more…

October 7, 2016

It is believed, and proven by research that sodium from salt can be harmful for your heart. But there are so many people out there with so many opinions and advices that one can get easily disappointed. How much sodium is good? Should you stop eating salt at all? Does eating salt mean you will Read more…

October 6, 2016

Benefits Sabudana is a good source of protein, which helps with muscle building, healing and strengthening. So vegetarians, turn to sabudana for your daily protein intake. Tapioca is rich in iron and calcium, which helps maintain bone health. Walnuts contain a number of neuroprotective compounds, including vitamin E, folate, melatonin, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants. Research Read more…

September 22, 2016

High sugar levels raise blood pressure and cause the liver to release harmful fats into the body. The risk of suffering from heart disease rises in tandem with sugar intake. What increases sugar levels? How do we control sugar levels?

September 22, 2016

High levels of triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol reduce blood flow to the heart. In severe cases, these arteries can become blocked and cause serious heart damage. How do we lower bad LDL cholesterol levels through food?

September Article 4 cover
September 13, 2016

Research shows that a vegetarian diet can have positive effects on your heart health and can reduce your risk of a heart disease. A vegetarian diet can reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome, which puts you at a greater risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Here are a few benefits of a vegetarian diet: Read more…

August Article 3 cover
August 26, 2016

If you are watching your heart health, the following foods should not make it in your meal plan very often. In fact, if you can cut them out of your diet, your heart will be even healthier. Processed meats How much to eat: If not unavoidable, maximum of 2 servings per week shouldn’t harm. One Read more…

August 16, 2016

What we eat makes us who we are and Indian food has a good health history. It’s rich in spices like turmeric and cinnamon and vegetable staples such as ginger, fenugreek and garlic, which are all known to improve heart health. Here are some great ways to incorporate healthy ingredients into your diet.

July 12, 2016

It’s only natural to enjoy a treat. And you should, too. But wouldn’t it be better if you could relish your treat having already burnt the calories. Here, we’ll help you find your path to guilt-free pleasure.

June 15, 2016

If you’re preparing food to pack for lunch, look for ways to adjust your recipes to cut back on bad cholesterol and saturated fats and replace ingredients with those that are naturally stress busting. This will keep your heart healthy and starve your stress of the food its loves.

Article 1 june cover
June 11, 2016

What you eat all day doesn’t just impact your health and weight; it affects yourproductivity, too. Luckily, there are plenty of quick, easy, and inexpensive healthy snack options. Almonds Almonds are a great source of protein and healthy fat that is satisfying. Low-fat Popcorn This low-calorie snack will satisfy your craving for something salty and Read more…

May 12, 2016

While you’re trying to quit, always remember that there are little things that help you stay with your resolution to quit. One of these, is food. Here are some foods that help you stay away from cigarettes.

April 7, 2016

Well, since summers are almost here, we thought of making summers a little easy for you with our quick tips! Stay Hydrated Skin cells contain mostly water, and if you’re dehydrated, skin can look and feel parched. Carry a water bottle with you all day, everywhere you go, and make sure you’re hydrated. Celebrate Summer’s Read more…

April 1, 2016

Did you know that fiber-found in chapathis, brown rice, raw vegetables and grain, like ragi, millet and so on, has huge health benefits? They can actually lower your risk of heart disease and help you stay slim. According to nutrition experts, you need to eat at least 21-38 grams of fiber in a day. Here Read more…

April 1, 2016

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and full of nutrients. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Include as much variety as you can and get the minimum five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. These will keep you healthy. The more colourful your choices are, like orange, apple, brinjal, cherries Read more…

April 1, 2016

Doctors are calling sugar a “white poison” nowadays. With no nutritional value, it just causes health problems such as obesity, diabetes, depression and even increase in suicidal behavior by young people. Here is what you can do to eliminate it from your diet.

April 1, 2016

Take baby steps towards your eating healthy goals. To start with, make sure you have done everything to avoid having a setback. Planning is everything!

March 18, 2016

Most women tend to ignore their health owing to lack of knowledge about foods and activities that are good for their health. So today we’re solving that problem by bringing to you the list foods that are healthy for you! Greek yogurt Greek yogurt is believed to have twice the protein of the regular yogurt, Read more…

March 12, 2016

Morning is the time when the kid is crying, the husband getting ready, the maid talking and mother in law calling. It is without doubt the busiest time in a woman’s day. To make it a little easier, we have some interesting tiffin ideas for your kid so at least he stops crying! Chapati Rolls Read more…

March 5, 2016

Women need a very specific diet. Your bodies are different and so is your lifestyle. Exactly why you cannot afford to ignore your nutritional needs. Here are easy and healthy recipes.

March 5, 2016

The Indian working woman is nothing less than a super woman. And while she is always busy taking care of everyone’s needs and wants, she usually neglects her own health. So today we have a list of health tips to keep all you superwomen super charged and active! Store your house with healthy snacks There Read more…

February 15, 2016

Those feelings called ‘cravings’ are one of the biggest reasons of eating unhealthy. Have you also experienced those times when you suddenly want to eat something ‘creamy’ or ‘crunchy’? Without doubt, these are the times when all our diet plans go out of the window and we munch on the first thing we see on Read more…

February 12, 2016

If you want to cook a special dessert for your spouse today, but don’t know how, well here we are! Check out our Valentine special heart skewers! It’s the quickest, simplest dish that would take less than a few minutes and everyone served will love. Here’s what you’ll need. How to prepare: Firstly, chop fruits in small, Read more…

Ideas for Healthy Valentine
February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day is a day everyone celebrates with their loved ones. It could be your spouse, parents, friends or all those you love. So this Valentine’s, why not make it a HEART loving day for you and all the people you love! Here are some ideas you could use to make this day special for Read more…

February 5, 2016

If you’re trying to lose some weight and get into that perfect shape, here are a few snack options for you that won’t need much cooking and will help you soothe those sudden pangs of hunger without the fear of eating unhealthy or gaining extra weight! Roasted chickpeas Salty but crunchy, and rich in protein Read more…

February 3, 2016

Smoothies are easy to whip up, delicious, and very filling. Here are four recipes you can throw together for a heart-healthy start to your day.

February 3, 2016

Most people eat much more sodium (salt) than they need. This can lead to high blood pressure. Use the Nutrition Facts label to check the amount of sodium. Look for foods with 5% Daily Value (DV) or less. A sodium content of 20% DV or more is high. Here are five ways to reduce the Read more…

February 3, 2016

Normal blood pressure is around 120/80 mm Hg and an ideal cholesterol level should be 200 mg/DL or lower. Keeping it at that level takes a little bit of care, and some attention to detail. Here are some things you can do to keep your cholesterol low, and your heart healthy.

January 6, 2016

Abdominal fat is the unhealthiest for your heart. Change your eating habits to ensure that you’re doing the best for your heart by adopting these easy tips.

November 28, 2015

What’s better than a steaming bowl of soup that warms the soul, and those freezing hands. Two steaming bowls of soup. You’ll love these two exciting recipes we’ve chosen for you this winter. These delightful bowls of warm comfort are not just delicious, but loaded with goodness too.  

November 19, 2015

A plus here, a little minus there can make a huge difference in your child’s health. Here are 3 simple tips to make sure your kid has a healthy heart and a healthy body! a. Increase fibre intake – Fibre is very important for a child’s hyperactive body. To increase its intake in your children’s Read more…

November 17, 2015

We all want to take the best care of our kids’ heart and body, but sometimes we overlook simple things in our daily life which can have a significant role to play in his health! 1. Healthy Breakfast A healthy heart starts with a healthy breakfast – it is very important to make sure that Read more…

Healthy Is Yummy
October 31, 2015

The Almond Coconut Rice Pudding.

October 31, 2015

We all know the importance of balanced diet. This chart is to ensure your  kids get their carbohydrates, protein, heart-healthy legumes and fruits in the perfect proportions.

October 13, 2015

It’s absolutely delicious and conveniently healthy.

September 16, 2015

To be able to take good care of your heart, it is important to take care of what you eat. Here is a list of food items good for your heart health: Blueberries: Not only blueberries but strawberries and other berries also are good for heart health.   Citrus fruits: Fruits such as oranges, lemons are high Read more…

July 24, 2015

Ingredients 1. 20 to 22 ladies fingers (bhindi) 2. 1 roasted onion, roughly chopped 3. 1 cup chopped coriander (dhania) 4. 2 tbsp. ginger-green chilli paste 5. 1 tbsp. turmeric powder (haldi) 6. 1 tbsp. coriander-cumin seeds (dhania-jeera) powder 7. 2 tbsp.garam masala 8. 2 tbsp. roasted sesame seeds (til) 9. 2 tbsp. lemon juice Read more…

July 24, 2015

Raw fruits and vegetables are beneficial in preventing and treating various ailments.  Here is a list of health issues they can help you combat and keep away from: Spinach: Treats Conjunctivitis, defective vision, anaemia, low blood pressure. Carrot: Defective vision, loose teeth, bleeding gums, anaemia, stress Beetroot: Uterine fibroids, fever, bronchitis, anaemia, backache, stress Tomato: Read more…

July 24, 2015

Having a healthy heart is possible only if other parts of your body such as blood vessels, respiratory organs, digestive system and the central nervous system are healthy. Some of the best foods to ensure good heart health are green vegetables and foods that are naturally enriched in omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin C Read more…

July 14, 2015

Olive oil is an essential ingredient in our diet as it lowers the risk of heart diseases. It is essential, however, to know the appropriate use of the different types of olive oil in our day to day cooking to get maximum health benefits out of it. Olive oil may be classified under three basic Read more…

Foods With Benefit Healthy side of Delicious Strawberries
July 14, 2015

We all love strawberries for their sweet juiciness and sheer pleasure. Most of us are not aware of the health offerings of strawberries. Here are some ways in which they promote good health: • Strawberries consist of manganese which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It helps fight free radicals and oxidative stress. It Read more…

Foods to avoid for a happy heart
July 14, 2015

We all know what to eat for a happy heart, but there is also a list of foods which must be avoided to maintain heart health. Avoid the following foods on your next trip to the supermart: • Packaged baked goods like cakes, cookies, puddings, etc. contain trans-fats. Dump them! • No matter what the Read more…

July 9, 2015

Cinnamon has been used in Chinese medicine for years and is used as a flavouring agent in global cuisines too. Here are some health benefits that Cinnamon offers: • Consuming half a teaspoon of Cinnamon per day can lower your LDL or Bad cholesterol • You can improve your memory and performance just by smelling Read more…

July 7, 2015

Food and nutrition have always faced the challenges of myths and misconceptions. Here are some of the myths with information about what is true. Myth: Saturated fats are better than trans fats. Fact: Both trans fats and saturated fats are not healthy. They may increase the cholesterol levels in the blood, increasing the risk for Read more…

July 7, 2015

Fruits Avocados are loaded with monounsaturated fats, also known as “good fats” that can help minimize blood cholesterol and blood clots. But they are also high in calories (240 per average-sized avocado), so go easy. Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C which, according to research, can help protect against stroke and helps reduce cholesterol. Orangesand other Read more…

June 5, 2015

Bright colors are instant mood boosters. The vibrant colors of vegetables and fruits represent happiness which inspires to eat healthy and follow a heart healthy lifestyle. By eating colored foods and healthy recipes, this scorching summer, you can nourish body, mind and soul and prevent heart diseases with nature’s health benefits. Go Orangy, try Yellow Read more…

April 7, 2015

Share the strategies you love to follow to stay healthy and get active #ForAHappyHeart

April 7, 2015

Learn 4 Simple Food Safety Tips Food safety is the most important aspect of health. Food safety lies in the hands of everyone dealing with the food; it includes farmers, individuals, food producers who work in markets and food service establishments and those who prepare the food. It’s their combined responsibility to keep food as Read more…

April 7, 2015

Healthy eating does not include strict dietary limitations. Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love. Instead, change the diet. It’s not as easy, but by using these simple tips, you can cut through the difficulties and learn them. 1.    Simplify the food with habits- Think in terms of color, variety, and freshness. Instead of Read more…

December 10, 2014

A  winter season delight, Spinach is rich in iron, calcium, Vit A,C,E,K,B2, B6, phosphorous, protein, folic acid,omega-3 fatty acids, and other antioxidants as well.  So keep your little one warm and healthy this winter with a bowl of spinach soup Recipe: Ingredients             Spinach leaves, cleaned and chopped – 1 cup ½ tsp refined oil Read more…

December 10, 2014

Many of you would be happy to know that dark chocolate is good for your heart health. The reasoning being that the cocoa bean is rich in a class of plant nutrients called flavonoids help protect plants from environmental toxins and help repair damage. Flavanols are the main type of flavonoid found in cocoa and Read more…

November 20, 2014

Peanuts are the powerhouse of good nutrition that can help you stay heart healthy by reducing the risk of heart disease. Peanuts are composed of monounsaturated fats, the type of fat that lowers LDL, or the “bad” cholesterol.  The phytosterols that peanuts contain have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and reduce Read more…

November 20, 2014

Apart from being a beautiful green plant and a traditional remedy for skin problems,  aloe vera serves a number of health benefits.  Here are the few reasons why you must consider drinking aloe vera juice to keep yourself heart-healthy. Aloe vera helps improve heart health by normalizing blood sugar and triglyceride levels. Aloe vera is Read more…

October 29, 2014

For most of us, Diwali is all about indulging into excess eating, drinking and partying. It is that time of the year when all the efforts to keep one’s weight, cholesterol and diabetes in check go in vain and the probability of us falling in the most dangerous pitfalls for good health increase manifolds.Since the Read more…

May 28, 2014

Over eating is one of the biggest problems faced by people who want to control their weight. A surprising diet trend has emerged that shows that people who listen to classical music while eating their meals are more mindful of what they eat and how much they eat. Creating a restaurant like environment at home Read more…

May 28, 2014

A food trend that has already taken over the West, is now also taking off in the Indian market- Organic food. Organic food is nothing but food that is grown in a natural manner- – with limited synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical additives. Evidence of it being healthier than regular food is insufficient. However, it is Read more…

FB post may_Ayurveda_v copy
May 28, 2014

Ayurveda believes that regular food items can be treated as medicine. Here are a few diseases and their ‘food cures’. If you know of more, please share with us. Cholesterol: Honey, cinnamon, coriander seeds Insomnia: Milk, bottle gourd, lettuce, honey, aniseed Kidney Stones: Apples, celery, pomegranate, watermelon and of course, kidney beans (obviously)!

May 28, 2014

Good eating habits take time to develop. Be sure to identify the good habits you have in place, then work to strengthen them and add new ones to the list. Make one or two changes at a time and remember that over the course of a year, small changes add up to big ones. 1. Eat regularly This Read more…

May 28, 2014

One surefire way to consume less processed food is to learn more about what you’re really eating. Here are two examples that’ll make you cringe: Fast Food Breakfast Eggs served in fast food joints are not exactly fresh egg. Omelets are usually made using an ‘egg blend’ that includes glycerin, a solvent found in soap Read more…

May 28, 2014

Everyone likes a sweet treat once in a while. But if you can’t get through the day without a chocolate fix, it’s possible that you have a problem. Some researchers believe that the release of endorphins brought about by consuming chocolate creates a physical dependency to obtain that mood high again and again, thereby suggesting Read more…

May 28, 2014

If you are addicted to burgers and fries and just can’t let go, try making the same food on your own. Home cooked food is a lot healthier than what you get at fast food chains. It is also a whole lot lower in fat and contains no dangerous preservatives. Here’s an easy burger recipe Read more…

May 28, 2014

Start cooking. Many people eat fast food or junk food because they’re always on the go and have no time to cook for themselves (it’s called fast food for a reason!). Even if you don’t have much time, try learning a few quick and easy recipes. Expand your culinary horizons. Most people find junk food Read more…