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The video game character
December 27, 2013

Over the years, video games have become more interesting and therefore, more hard to resist. Once your child is hooked, there is no going back.

Accept the fact that getting rid of an X Box is out of the question, unless of course you want your child yelling, sobbing and sulking! But just like TV, video games too can be controlled.

  • Start playing video games with your child. This will help you understand the magnetic nature of video games, and trick your child into believing that you’re on his ‘team’.
  • New games will have to be purchased with your child’s pocket money.
  • Start researching about video games. Sony Wii for example has games that encourage physical activity. The days of sitting inert with a video game controller are over, lots and lots of games are now activity based.
  • Keep the gaming console in a locked cupboard, so each time your child wants to play he has to ask for your consent (and company).