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Tips for Your First Month After Quitting
May 29, 2015

Source: Web MD

Sip Cold Water and Eat Small Meals

Sipping cold water through a straw can help replace the act of sucking on a cigarette. It also releases dopamine, a feel-good brain chemical that can help ease bad moods.

Eating small meals can also help you get past the urge to smoke. Choose lean, healthy foods to avoid weight gain.

Note Instant Rewards

You don’t have to wait long to begin enjoying the benefits of a smoke-free life. Keep a written list of the good things as you begin to notice them. They might include feeling in control, saving money, smelling better, tasting food more vividly, and feeling more energetic. When the urge to smoke strikes, look at your list as a reminder of what you’ve gained from quitting.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking it is one of the most common things that makes people go back to smoking. Here’s why. Alcohol breaks down self-restraint, and that can erode your commitment to quitting. Many people also associate the act of drinking with smoking, so it may trigger you to light up.

Be Active Every Day

Exercise offers a powerful distraction from cravings. When your body is active, it sends out natural chemicals that help your mood and ease your stress. Walking is one of the easiest exercises for most people. Choosing a few different activities might help you stay motivated, though. Set aside time to be physically active every day — especially in the first month after you’ve quit smoking.

Fill Your Calendar

During the first few weeks after you kick the habit, fill your days with things you want or need to do. Make plans to eat meals with family or friends, and try to steer clear of smoking temptations. The busier you are, the more distracted you’ll be from the urge to smoke.

Secure a Lifeline

Ask someone to be there for you when you need support. The best choice is a friend who is also a former smoker. But anyone who cares for you and wants you to quit smoking can help when times get tough.