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That stress is bad for one’s health is common knowledge. But what most don’t realise is that stress is one of the seven major risks of heart disease. In the daily hustle and bustle of our lives, we are subject to a high level of stress in various facets of our lives. If left unchecked, it can lead to serious health hazards including the possibility of a heart attack.

Take this simple test and find out just how vulnerable you are to stress.
Cope well with problems?
Handle pressure calmly when things you have to do suddenly crop up?
Neglect your diet or overeat when you are low?
Feel dissatisfied with your every day routine?
Have time for things that make you happy?
Look tired or lack enough rest?
Think that only good things will happen to you and your loved ones?
Think or plan for too long to avoid actually doing anything?
Believe that you can achieve what you are capable of?
Get angry easily (whether or not you show it)?
Often feel lost or alone with no one to talk to?
Complain a lot or keep problems to yourself?
Get bogged down by commitments?
Feel ashamed or hurt from some event in your past and avoid talking about it?
Laugh at yourself and at things that happen?
Feel unlucky about the tasks you undertake?
Your Stress Score is:  
Stress level is lowest for score of 0 and highest for score of 100
Your - Score Result
0 - 20 Your Stress level is Low
21 - 40 Your stress level is ok. Maintain it
41 - 60 You stress level is median you should try to relax
61 - 80 Your stress level is high, you are at risk of depression
81 - 100 Your stress level is alarming; you must consult a physician