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Turn Your Hobby Into a Career
June 20, 2014

More and more people are turning their hobbies into jobs, a fulfilling way to make a living and spend more time at home, close to family. Indeed most entrepreneurs say the secret of their success was due to the simple fact that they wanted to do something they were passionate about.

It certainly follows that job fulfillment combined with making a decent living is a winning combination, so turning your hobby, creative talent or great idea into a career could just offer the new direction you’re looking for. You’ll probably gain more flexibility as you can decide how ‘big’ you want to go, plus there’s the added incentive of being your own boss and working around other family commitments, usually from the comfort of your own home.

But if your idea really takes off you may find yourself busier than you ever were in your previous job so it’s important not to underestimate the additional work load you could be taking on. It’s not unusual for small business owners to work round the clock on occasions, particularly in the early days of getting yourself established or if you find yourself pitching for lucrative new business.

It might seem madness to leave a job in our unstable financial times, but remember that initially you can combine your day job with working on your hobby-based business in the evenings or at weekends and take it from there. That way you’re pursuing your great idea without taking on too much risk.