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Weight loss snacks
February 5, 2016

If you’re trying to lose some weight and get into that perfect shape, here are a few snack options for you that won’t need much cooking and will help you soothe those sudden pangs of hunger without the fear of eating unhealthy or gaining extra weight!

  • Weight loss snacks

    Roasted chickpeas

    Salty but crunchy, and rich in protein and fiber instead of empty calories. Munch on them while watching reruns of your favorite show or reading! They will provide your body with the protein and fiber content that your packet of chips lacks! Oh, and they don’t make you fat either!

  • Weight loss snacks


    Banana, kale and almond milk smoothie can be a healthy as well as filling option. Have a glass full of nutrients instead of aaloo ka paratha with the fattening butter on top. Your heart will thank you! It won’t have the cholesterol of the butter, but will definitely be filling and rich in protein!

  • Weight loss snacks

    Salads and fruits

    Cucumber, carrots, apples, oranges and other ready to eat healthy foods can come to your rescue when you’re tempted to bite that chocolate or open a packet of chips just because you don’t want to cook anything! Have a stock of easy to eat fruits and vegetables so that you don’t have an excuse to cheat on your health!

  • Weight loss snacks

    Fruit muffins

    If you love baking and love eating muffins, make smart choices by choosing fruit muffins for times of hunger need! For every 5 chocolate chip muffins that you bake, add 2 fruit muffins. Start like this, and slowly you’ll be hooked to the deliciousness of nutrition!

The problem is not our hunger, but what we choose to eat when we are hungry! Choose well, live long!