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Winter Alert for High Blood Pressure Patients!
November 20, 2014

A myriad number of medical studies have revealed that blood pressures are higher in the winter months. Low temperatures cause narrowing of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) which increases blood pressure because more pressure is needed to force blood through a person’s  narrowed veins and arteries. Other seasonal causes of high blood pressure include weight gain, excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine and  less physical activity. Therefore, to help you keep your blood pressure in check  this winter season, here are a few simple tips which you must inculcate in your routine to stay healthy and avoid the risk of heart disease:

  • Check your blood pressure regularly and maintain a record of  the fluctuations observed in it.  Consult your physician if you record a major change in your blood pressure.
  • Take up a physical activity  which suits you best. Physical activities like going for a brisk walk, jogging or taking up a yoga or aerobics class  help to to reduce high blood pressure as they  strengthen the heart and also lower the risk of heart attack.
  •  Do not  give in to the temptations of high calorie winter delights. Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water as it helps in  the removal of unhealthy toxins from the body.
  • At last but not the least, avoid taking part in stressful activities as it will create unnecessary pressure on your heart which in turn will increase your blood pressure.