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Yoga – A Path To A Healthy Heart
June 18, 2015

At the outset, the bottom line is – Yoga is the mantra behind good health. A positive approach that leads to a positive outlook in life. Therefore, Yoga becomes an essential part of one’s existence and one should adopt this practice for a heart healthy life.

Going down the memory lane, Yoga is a form of exercise that originated in ancient India. It emphasizes on strength, versatility and breathing, which enhances physical and intellectual health and helps in stress management. Here are the basic benefits of this wonderful workout that enunciate how Yoga is good for your heart health:

1. Just beat It: Yoga helps to manage stress and assists you to face the daily challenges, anxiety and frustration with elan. It also boosts the strength, energy and immunity.

2. The more you do it, the more you feel it: Yoga promotes physical activity. There is a great connection between yoga and heart health. Not only is it good for your muscles, it also plays a significant role in controlling the blood sugar. It’s been said, the more effort you put into yoga, the more you gain.

3. You’ll learn to breathe: Deep-breathing exercises taught in yoga helps to slow down the breathing rate which gradually lowers the blood pressure as well. It calms the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the stress hormones. Hence, the breathing mechanism of Yoga provides you a stress-free way of living.

4. Helps to maintain good body posture: Continuous practice of Yoga results in improved body postures; it enhances the sensation of balance, with head, shoulder and pelvis in the correct alignment of the body. The correct body posture can make you tall, slim, composed and relaxed.

5. Encourages the sense of community: Participating in yoga classes can develop a positive influence of being in a group. A sense of group may help ease the feelings of isolation after facing a severe cardiac event. Yoga techniques also enable to beat stress and overcome depression, which contributes to a healthy heart.

Yoga is an expressive way to take care of your heart and repetitively promotes a heart-healthy lifestyle. It plays a remarkable role in improving heart health and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Along with increasing life span and other health benefits, it keeps you away from heart attacks, coronary heart diseases and hypertension.