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355064 people have taken the pledge

When you take a pledge to care for your heart, you help us take one more step towards our goal. So go on take the pledge and ask your loved ones to do the same.

I pledge to take care of my heart by following 5 simple solution (get active, quit smoking, beat stress, eat healthy and regular health check




10 Cigarette craving busters

Congratulations of choosing to quit smoking. While this is great news, you’ll realize that quitting can be a difficult task, especially when cravings strike. Most Read more…


#1000NOES To Quit Smoking

“Come to where the flavour is”- doesn’t this statement by a favorite brand vaguely remind you of the story of a Pied Piper of Hamelin? Read more…


4 Benefits of A Healthy Life

The positive benefits of a healthy life can be attained very quickly within a few days. A healthy life completes with little modifications and positive Read more…


5 Foods to Cool Your Heart this summer season

Bright colors are instant mood boosters. The vibrant colors of vegetables and fruits represent happiness which inspires to eat healthy and follow a heart healthy Read more…


5 Great Hobbies for the Heart

Hobbies aren’t just for those with too much time on their hands. In fact, an engaging hobby can make a significant improvement to your heart Read more…


5 Things Women can do to keep their Heart Healthy!

The nourishment of the good heart health has its origin in the well organized living tendencies that Women practice in their daily routine. The routine Read more…

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7 Habits of successful people

Develop Self Discipline
Self discipline is nothing but the ability to control the actions we perform in our daily lives.

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Healthy habits @ Work

Make a Habit Of Having Habits
Habits are powerful factor in our lives.Because the are consistent and often unconscious pattern, they are responsible for our efficiency or inefficiency.

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Help us beat heart diseases

Billion Heart Beating has been recognised as an associate National Memeber of the World Federation.

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Hearts of India needs your help

Heart disease is a cause that requires immediate attention, given that it is the biggest killer in india.Nearly one of every five deaths is caused by heart disease.

  • BHB organised a heart-healthy workshop designed specially for working executives at the Benetton corporate office.
  • BHB was launched with Times of India in April 2010 with an extremely novel cover jacket.
  • BHB conducts a series of free health camps with the Bhagidari initiative of the Delhi government.
  • BHB has a long term partnership with AIESEC and works with the organisation in taking the message of heart health to colleges and to the youth of this country.
  • NCC has a cadet base of 14,00,000 students who have all joined the BHB mission.
  • BHB organised the Happy Heart Fest across 7 Apollo cities with J&J (One Touch) during World Heart Day September 2012.