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505000 people have taken the pledge

When you take a pledge to care of your heart, you help us take one more step towards our goal. So go on take the pledge and ask your loved ones to do the same.

I pledge to take care of my heart by following 5 simple solutions (Get Active, Quit Smoking, Beat Stress, Eat Healthy and Get A Heart Check)




Sugar’s Not So Sweet

High sugar levels raise blood pressure and cause the liver to release harmful fats into the body. The risk of suffering from heart disease rises Read more…


Ready, Steady, Stay.

High blood pressure can severely damage your arteries and blood vessels. It makes artery walls thicker, and over time this increases blood pressure further, leading Read more…


Ways to Bid Goodbye to Stress

When you’re stressed, the hormone cortisol is released into your bloodstream, increasing blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. This narrows the arteries to the heart, and Read more…


Cholesterol Truths

High levels of triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol reduce blood flow to the heart. In severe cases, these arteries can become blocked and cause serious heart Read more…

September Article 4 cover

Why Going Vegetarian Is Good For Your Heart Health

Research shows that a vegetarian diet can have positive effects on your heart health and can reduce your risk of a heart disease. A vegetarian Read more…

September Article 3 cover

What is Heart Disease

Heart Disease is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country today. To see yourself lead a healthy life, it is important to Read more…



  • BHB has a long term partnership with AIESEC and works with the organisation in taking the message of heart health to colleges and to the youth of this country.
  • NCC has a cadet base of 14,00,000 students who have all joined the BHB mission.
  • BHB conducts a series of free health camps with the Bhagidari initiative of the Delhi government.
  • BHB is an Associate National Member of the World Heart Federation, the global leader in the fight against heart disease.
  • BHB organised the Happy Heart Fest across 7 Apollo cities with J&J (One Touch) during World Heart Day September 2012.
  • BHB organised a heart-healthy workshop designed specially for working executives at the Benetton corporate office.
  • BHB was launched with Times of India in April 2010 with an extremely novel cover jacket.