Under Project Suraksha, Billion Hearts Beating Foundation supports communities with limited access to healthcare by providing periodic free health camps to assess and review their health. Project Suraksha provides essential medical relief, in times of natural disaster, emergency situations, and through the course of regular life, to individuals and communities in challenging situations.

Community outreach programmes: We screen, diagnose, and create awareness by organizing workshops and health camps on non-communicable diseases, hygiene, and general health.

Free Clinics: Emergency care centres: We set up centres at places of public importance and high traffic, to provide immediate life-saving critical care.

Community daycare centres: We offer nutritious food, medical treatment, and prescription medicines to people in mofussil areas.

Special projects: We support the LGBTQ+ community by offering its members free health checks and monthly medicines. We set up emergency medical centres and provide free medicines during natural disasters, across the country.


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Post pandemic

All the funding raised will used towards procuring medical equipment and will be donated to non-profit centers to enhance the quality of care and combat the shortage of life-saving medical equipment.

Apart from meeting the current needs, the critical care equipment will be used in the treatment of any post-covid illnesses such as degenerative lung damage that might arise in future.

Being equipped with these resources will ensure that we are prepared and ready to rise to the occasion should we be faced with a similar health crisis in the future.

General health camps

eye screening camps

Cardiology Camps

General health camps

eye screening camps

Diet & nutrition awareness workshops

First aid awareness workshops

Hygiene & sanitation awareness workshops